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Some theologians have wanted to discard the idea of hell altogether because it seems that for the divine to become a human being is an act of love that cannot be harmonized with eternal damnation.
Bercholz's vision of hell is clearly seen through the lens of his Buddhist faith.
But after those first seven years or so, the portfolio in the purgatory scenario would stabilize while in the hell scenario it would continue to lose money.
We are thrilled to bring Hell on Wheels to the Arabic speaking audience.
A government that has an official position on hell and that Seeks to base public policy on that understanding is something from the Dark Ages.
When Hell came to us looking for an innovative way to engage their customers, we had to think of what would captivate the Hell audience, inspire brand loyalty and drive sales.
Queenie might be that person as she will confront Madam LaLaurie in "Go to Hell.
I was a bit surprised that three elderly women all expressed a belief in a literal, physical hell with, as one said, "fire and gnashing of teeth," though the eternal nature of that punishment was something she had trouble getting her head around, given what she believes about a God of love.
As Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine, their artistic endeavor took the form of a band called Television.
But for the past week or so my imagination has been grabbed by more traditional ideas of hell.
Pardon me, but what is there about Hell that makes it so smart?
Each short piece of fiction in North of Hell completes its own narrative arc, like a collection of short stories, and the book lacks many traits customary to novels--an overarching plot, characters that are dependably present.