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HELPSHurricane Exhibition for Learning, Preparation and Safety
HELPSHome Educators Lending Parents Support (homeschool support; Florida)
HELPSHospitalists as Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (Michigan)
HELPSHome Education Links for Parent Support (South Carolina)
HELPSHenderson Environmental Learning Process Scale
HELPSHealthcare Enhancement for Local Public Safety Retirees Act of 2005 (retirement benefit)
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Not till long afterward did Polly see how much good this little effort had done her, for the first small sacrifice of this sort leads the way to others, and a single hand's turn given heartily to the world's great work helps one amazingly with one's own small tasks.
For now the shadow of a real trouble had come, the little books were full of help and comfort, and as they dressed, they agreed to say goodbye cheerfully and hopefully, and send their mother on her anxious journey unsaddened by tears or complaints from them.
At these meetings an especial effort was made to secure help for the building of Alabama Hall, as well as to introduce the school to the attention of the general public.
And if you don't help the other animals now, the lions may find themselves left all alone when THEY are in trouble.
Nay, I will make over to you all that I possess if only you will continue to help me.
When I was shut up in that forest I longed for some one to help me, and by and by Ojo came and did help me.
This was such a help to me, that for a good while I left off the wicked trade that I had so newly taken up; and gladly I would have got my bread by the help of my needle if I could have got work, but that was very hard to do for one that had no manner of acquaintance in the world.
No, I've not been drinking," said Tulliver; "I want no drinking to help me make up my mind as I'll serve no longer under a scoundrel.
I only wish to ask you if you will help me to lessen the evil consequences of the past, which is unchangeable.
The night passed without incident, and then, telling his new friends that he would return as soon as possible with help, Tolpec, taking a small supply of food with him, set out through the jungle again.
I was just as old as Joseph when my father and mother died of the fever within ten days of each other, and left me and my cripple sister Nelly alone in the world, without a relation that we could look to for help.
The old woman said, 'If you would help yourselves, one of you must go into the wood, and there he will come upon a tumble-down building of rocks which looks like a little house.