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hemihemispherical (combustion chambers in engines)
HEMIHigh Energy Metals, Inc. (Sequim, WA)
HEMIHagyard Equine Medical Institute (Lexington, KY)
HEMIHybrid EFIE (Electric Field Integral Equation) /MFIE (Magnetic Field Integral Equation) Iterative
HEMIHusky Energy Marketing, Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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Here, the spaces between these artificial ommatidia can stretch to allow transformation in geometry from planar to hemispherical.
An analytical expression pertaining to the concentrations and current for homogeneous catalytic reactions with equal diffusion coefficients at hemispherical microelectrodes under non-steady-state conditions are obtained using Duhamel's theorem.
Experimental results Estimated Shading hemispherical Estimated Estimated material emittance of hemispherical hemispherical structure at 300 transmittance of reflectance of K(80.
In other words, at the same force operation, contact area of hemispherical convex morphology is little, namely hardness of leaf surface is great.
The largest hemispherical building in the world and at the same time the largest scale model of the solar system is the Ericsson Globe, formerly known as the Stockholm Globe Arena, or nicknamed in Swedish, Globen - The Globe.
Hemispherical photographs (digital images of 3264 x 2448 pixels with a fish-eye lens) for each tree were taken vertically into the canopy to quantitatively assess canopy density related to light transmission.
The center-edge angle of a hemispherical bearing surface is 45[degrees] when the cup face is positioned at 45[degrees] abduction.
This more comprehensive hit-avoidance system will give the soldiers in the MGVs "full-scale 360-degree hemispherical protection," said FCS Program Manager Maj.
The latter two situations also may be evaluated by room temperature creep testing in which a load is applied and the indentation with time is measured (usually with a hemispherical tip) on the coating of interest.
The company is recalling its Trident PSL and hemispherical Acetabular Cups that were made in its Cork, Ireland plant.
Surface tension pulling the droplet into a roughly hemispherical shape also creates an inward pull on the film, The film wrinkles to fit its unchanged surface area into less space.
These stages are: hemispherical expansion, vertical elongation, base shrinking, bubble departure and rising.