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hemihemispherical (combustion chambers in engines)
HEMIHigh Energy Metals, Inc. (Sequim, WA)
HEMIHagyard Equine Medical Institute (Lexington, KY)
HEMIHybrid EFIE (Electric Field Integral Equation) /MFIE (Magnetic Field Integral Equation) Iterative
HEMIHusky Energy Marketing, Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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Figure 7 shows the finite element model of the hemispherical probe test.
In order to assess Leaf Area Index data from hemispherical photography (LAIHP), it is important to analyze their relationship with LAI obtained by conventional destructive or not-destructive methods.
Remarks: Lateral face, hemispherical shell, domed, slightly wavy, with border at the edge of the shell and buccal tube external to the shell, with collarette at the extremity of the pseudostoma.
Fish-eye cameras are designed to map the whole hemispherical field in front of the camera thus fisheye lenses mostly obey one of the following projection models (Fig.
Based on these facts, the objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of indirect methods (canopy analyzer and hemispherical photographs) for determining LAI in stands of Eucalyptus clones in two distinct physical-climatic sites in Rio Doce basin, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.
Indirect estimates of canopy gap fraction based on the linear conversion of hemispherical photographs.
For obvious reasons, a hemispherical compound eye also has a much wider field of view than a mostly-flat simple eye with only a small aperture at the front.
The researchers developed new ideas in materials and fabrication strategies allowing construction of artificial ommatidia in large, interconnected arrays in hemispherical layouts.
This development demonstrates how real terrorism threat led toward a rapid efficient development of the new Hyper Hemispherical Sapphire Domes that enables new capabilities that were not available before.
A number of different structures have been well investigated over the years like rectangular, cylindrical, hemispherical, triangular, etc.
The DUC system produces a continuous hemispherical scan of internal pipe conditions in 6- to 60-inch pipe and operates at a constant speed without the need to stop or pan and tilt.
The Sayaendo Series has a hull shape that evolved from LNG carriers with Moss-type* hemispherical tanks, and it offers significant improvements in fuel consumption and maintainability.