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HeNCEHeterogeneous Network Computing Environment
HeNCEHigher Education Network for Community Engagement
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Hence, in their fits of fury, they remember no claims and recognize no distinctions.
When you have them in their apartments -- which are constructed with a view to denying them that power -- you can say and do what you like; for they are then wholly impotent for mischief, and will not remember a few minutes hence the incident for which they may be at this moment threatening you with death, nor the promises which you may have found it necessary to make in order to pacify their fury.
So it is when we travel northward, but in a somewhat lesser degree, for the number of species of all kinds, and therefore of competitors, decreases northwards; hence in going northward, or in ascending a mountain, we far oftener meet with stunted forms, due to the directly injurious action of climate, than we do in proceeding southwards or in descending a mountain.
Hence, if certain insectivorous birds (whose numbers are probably regulated by hawks or beasts of prey) were to increase in Paraguay, the flies would decrease--then cattle and horses would become feral, and this would certainly greatly alter (as indeed I have observed in parts of South America) the vegetation: this again would largely affect the insects; and this, as we just have seen in Staffordshire, the insectivorous birds, and so onwards in ever-increasing circles of complexity.
Hence I have very little doubt, that if the whole genus of humble-bees became extinct or very rare in England, the heartsease and red clover would become very rare, or wholly disappear.
Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
Hence, a financial justification exists in all cases to convert the candidate weldments to castings.
Hence, $4,000 of the deferred gain is triggered, leaving $5,000 of deferred gain.
Clients benefit because the more the methods of the business world are adopted, the more realistic and hence successful their training is likely to be.
Hence, knowledge of the local market and discovery of the best distribution method will become essential since the market is characterised by low awareness of power quality issues.
Hence ker(g) [subset or equal to] H [intersection] N.
Hence, TEI agrees with the views expressed by the Board members who said that the proposed Interpretation would (a) be unduly complex, (b) prove difficult to apply in practice, and (c) result in systematic overstatement of tax liabilities.