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HEPARHak ve Esitlik Partisi (Turkish: Rights and Equality Party)
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The VNN infection in grouper larvae causing damage observed in all organs with pathognomonic of diseases were visible in tissue of hepar, kidney, gill, eye, intestine and brain, the eyes and the brain that cause fish to experience whierling and irregular swimming, gills which causes sleeping dead fish, kidney which causes a decrease in immune system and intestine which causes decreased in the appetite fish.
As knowledge and experience are gained, other useful remedies may be Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav, Hepar Sulph and Silicea.
Homeopathic preparations for irritable coughs can include Hepar sulph,Chamomillaand Pulsatilla,allat 6c,and Chinese herbal remedies such as Qing qi HuaTan Wan can alsohelp.
Harry explains: "If there is a dead tooth, I would still have to do root treatment, but I might offer hepar sulph to deal with the infection.