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HEWSHumanitarian Early Warning Service
HEWSHumanitarian Early Warning System (Inter-Agency Standing Committee; UN)
HEWSHealth Early Warning System (Portuguese National Health Institute)
HEWSHelicopter Electronic Warfare System
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On to the cattle kraal, to the cattle kraal, People of the Axe, that I may hew this braggart's head from his shoulders.
But when he began to hew down a tree, it was not long before he made a false stroke, and the axe cut him in the arm, so that he had to go home and have it bound up.
Mrs Hews needs a digital aid because her hearing has degenerated and the new technology is more sophisticated at picking up sounds and reducing feedback.
Hews therefore made her containers roost proof by dipping their upper sections in a nonstick coating that comes as a liquid.
By mutual agreement, Bill Hews stepped down as President.