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HINTHearing in Noise Test
HINTHistidine Triad Nucleotide-Binding Protein
HINTHealth Insurance Navigation Tool (insurance aid; music industry)
HINTHierarchical Integration (benchmark)
HINTHarris Infant Neuromotor Test
HINTHealth Information Network of Tennessee
HINTHolland Interuniversity Nifedipine Trial
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She was a clever young woman, who understood the art of pleasing--the art of pleasing, at least, at Kellynch Hall; and who had made herself so acceptable to Miss Elliot, as to have been already staying there more than once, in spite of all that Lady Russell, who thought it a friendship quite out of place, could hint of caution and reserve.
Every thing declared it; his own attentions, his father's hints, his motherinlaw's guarded silence; it was all in unison; words, conduct, discretion, and indiscretion, told the same story.
The device then adds the hint to the picture in the form of the password characters spread across the lines of the palm.
It has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with cherry and plum flavours.
For example, after using Synonymy Hint 1 (S1), Synonymy Hint 2 (S2) and the Chinese hint (C), then they will get a wrong answer (N) to the question; this series of behaviors was, thus, coded as S1S2CN.
This might also be a hint that Ellie might still be on the run from the Firefly militia, the same group of people who wanted to cut her open to find the cure for the Cordyceps infection in the original game.
99 Strong fruity citrus flavour with a hint of toast and butter, but a distinct lack of bubbles.
The West Yorkshire venue breaks new ground by racing on the level but the decision has paid rich dividends as there is a welter of runners declared and Secret Hint could prove to be a class act.
Take a Hint was founded two years ago by graduates from Liverpool Hope, and also put on a Christmas show at the Blundell Street theatre - Scarlett's Secret Snowflake - in 2012.
Compared to a traditional headset with a microphone that juts out from the ear, the Moto Hint is much more subtle--it looks more like an ear bud than a headset.
It's a quality example by a quality producer with rich, sweet aromas of strawberry juice and hints of raspberry.
Hint is designed to touch on the trends, but not scare away shoppers who might be intimidated by overly trendy merchandise.