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HIPPIEHelper In Promoting Peaceful Individual Existence :-)
HIPPIEHappy Individual Person Pursuing Individual Enlightenment
HIPPIEHumboldt Institute for Philosophical and Political Investigation and Enlightenment
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Tragically George Hanson (Nicholson) is clubbed to death by Deep South hippie haters but in their new friend's memory the two bikers, hell bent on freedom and discovery, at any cost, continue.
In this colorful and short book that is part "how-to" and part bittersweet memoir: You'll not only learn how to smoke bananas (think about rolling baked pulp residue), you'll also learn how to dress like a hippie (think bare feet - or bare everything), how to drive like a hippie (think rolling stop) and how to dance like a hippie (think spinning).
There's little doubt that the hippie heyday helped usher in what the anthropologist Grant McCracken has called an age of "plenitude," a "quickening speciation of social groups.
WHEN Hippies Ruled The World (BBC1, Weds) had me wishing I'd taken a far-out trip myself - as far out the living room as possible.
The little angels belted out pro-drug lyrics from a banned hit single as part of a sketch about hippies.
The Hippie Dictionary" isn't the sort of book a grandpa would necessarily want to leave out for the grandkids to see, however, considering the number of entries concerning drugs - bindle, bam, chase the dragon, grasshopper - not to mention sex - merkin, root, leg over, plow - to name a handful we can list in a family newspaper.
KAY Silver fell in love with the hippie look when she was in her teens.
The convoy pulled out peacefully from a Pictish battlefield site - just as police prepared to evict the hippies.
In a nutshell: Soft-porn nonsense involving an Israeli hippie chick and a Bedouin prince turns out to have a statement to make about - yikes
On my first day at the Gathering, I made my way to the large "trading village" in the hope of scoring a trinket to impress my own hippie princess back home.