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Family Historian is a powerful, desktop genealogy program for Windows.
NET-based computing technologies and numerous performance features, including full utilization of multi-core hardware, Hyper Historian is the first plant historian to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and to integrate with SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft Azure.
Our new Wonderware Historian Online Edition is a revolutionary way of accessing and using real-time data on demand, said Rob McGreevy, vice president, information, asset and operations software for Invensys.
How Historians Work: Retelling the Past--From the Civil War to the Wider World.
The newly appointed NEHA historian is NEHA Past President Dick Pantages, who has a long and distinguished career in environmental health and on the NEHA board of directors.
There must be hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with history degrees who would never describe themselves as historians.
FactoryTalk Historian applications build on industry-leading technology licensed from OSIsoft and include additional capabilities inherent in the FactoryTalk software suite to provide premier integration with the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture.
De Baets works through the dilemmas of being a historian using the logic of ethical philosophy, a language of generality and principle quite distinct from the range of voices usually deployed by historians.
When they did find work as a historian, in today's terms, they faced a hostile workplace.
Most central in Clarke's development as an intellect, Swanston writes, stood the Afro-Puerto Rican bibliophile and historian, Arthur Alfonso Schomburg, whose huge collection of books, pamphlets, and art work regarding African (Black) people worldwide laid the foundation for the world-famous Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York.
Brown has surmounted these obstacles to produce a biography of Richard Hofstadter, the historian and author (The Paranoid Style in American Politics, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life), that is not only a revelation, but also a fascinating read.
Taylor emerges as the most outspoken and unpleasant character in this rogues' gallery, spitefully pointing out every time a rival who slighted him experienced a reversal of fortune and delivering a number of characteristic boasts: '"I have become a much more distinguished historian than .