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HITCHHPV (Human Papillomavirus) Infection and Transmission among Couples through Heterosexual Activity (study; Canada)
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The most commonly encountered hitch systems match a ball on the tow vehicle to a socket coupler on the trailer's tongue.
The Trailer Hitch Safety Switch is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Trailer attaching systems include a hitch and mount for the tow vehicle, and a matching coupler on the trailer's tongue.
initials with Hitch, but he also brings Hannibal Lecter's serial-killing persona to the table.
Hitch and his colleagues note that this capacity for CO2 fixation can be five to ten times greater than total greenhouse gas production from some mine operations.
Master Lock Vehicle Back-Up and Hitch Alignment Camera
The driver slammed on the brakes with my hand still on the hitch.
Sparrow went on to drive the Schlitz 40-horse hitch in major parades and events in the U.
Top-class performers such as Roll Of Fame, Swift Duchess, Parquet Pal and Parquet Pet were others to have been expertly handled by Hitch from his Nuffield Farm base in Hertfordshire.
In 1958, production of the small-prong hitch was discontinued, though some small-prong implements remained in production.
uk/rememberwhen A HOSPITAL BREAKOUT: An ingenious breakout plan at St Luke's Hospital in Middlesbrough passed off without a hitch in September 1987.
It'll be a shame to hitch all the way then have to watch the matches in a pub.