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HOBHouse of Blues
HobHoboken (catalogue of Haydn's works)
HOBHouse Office Building
HOBHouse of Bishops
HOBHang on Back (aquarium equipment, such as a filter or refugium)
HOBHead of Bed
HOBHoboken, New Jersey
HOBHeight Of Burst
HOBHouse of Billiards
HOBHobbs, NM, USA - Lea County (Airport Code)
HOBHeart of Business
HOBHigh-Order Byte
HOBHigh-Order Bit
HOBHorst Brandstätter (software firm founder; Germany)
HOBHoes Over Bros
HOBHigh Overbased (overbased polyalkenyl sulfonates)
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Newman Noggs did not say that he had hunted up the old furniture they saw, from attic and cellar; or that he had taken in the halfpennyworth of milk for tea that stood upon a shelf, or filled the rusty kettle on the hob, or collected the woodchips from the wharf, or begged the coals.
There was a wicker cradle on the floor, a kettle spouting steam on the hob, and some child's linen lay drying on the fender.
The kettle sang away merrily on the hob of the snuggery, for, notwithstanding the time of year, they lighted a fire, throwing both the windows wide open at the same time; the heaps of books and papers were pushed away to the other end of the table, and the great solitary engraving of King's College Chapel over the mantelpiece looked less stiff than usual, as they settled themselves down in the twilight to the serious drinking of tea.
We even rode out by night ourselves, to see if we could not get on the tracks of the thieves, and never did we fail to find hot coffee on the hob for our return.
We had no further adventures on the way home, and our coffee was still warm upon the hob.
There was a kettle on the hob, as there had been night and day for fifteen years.
When the coffee was done, the Jew drew the saucepan to the hob.
On the hob, a kettle steamed; on the hearth, a cat reposed.
As a precaution against this latter inconvenience, Mr Swiveller had been sitting for some time with his feet on the hob, in which attitude he now gave utterance to these apologetic observations, and slowly sipped the last choice drops of nectar.
Hetty Sorrel often took the opportunity, when her aunt's back was turned, of looking at the pleasing reflection of herself in those polished surfaces, for the oak table was usually turned up like a screen, and was more for ornament than for use; and she could see herself sometimes in the great round pewter dishes that were ranged on the shelves above the long deal dinner-table, or in the hobs of the grate, which always shone like jasper.
I was too late for tea; but my mother had kindly kept the teapot and muffin warm upon the hobs, and, though she scolded me a little, readily admitted my excuses; and when I complained of the flavour of the overdrawn tea, she poured the remainder into the slop-basin, and bade Rose put some fresh into the pot, and reboil the kettle, which offices were performed with great commotion, and certain remarkable comments.
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