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HOCUSHaskins Optically Corrected Ultrasound System (Haskin Laboratories; New Haven, CT)
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Aal Chammaa Batal, one of Hocus Pocus' organizers said: "Our second event was during Mother's Day this year and our aim was to relieve one mother's heartache by celebrating all mothers with especially made chocolate boxes," she said.
Hocus Pocus' identity is revealed and confirmed by the following statement in an account dated "18 Novembris, 1625":
Despite HOCUs being successfully recruited in some districts, doubts have been expressed about the length of their retention.
Lucy the young witch lives on hocus pocus island with a strange assortment of neighbours.
Unfortunately, the hocus pocus storyline holding all these breathtaking set-pieces together is both gossamer thin and preposterous.
I would be straight up to Avram Grant, hit him with the hocus pocus and convince him I'm good enough to play centreforward for the Blues.
National Public Radio billed the news as a "loss of faith"--an unusual opening for an economics piece, but not a surprising one given the mystical hocus pocus that has long buttressed free-trade ideology.
Two real life magicians also kept the crowds entertained with their own hocus pocus
Postal Service Kwanzaa stamp, also elicited a positive response from Pamela Dixon, whose company, Hocus Focus Baby Products, designs and manufactures blankets and bibs for small children.
Hocus Pocus, Magic Hat's Summer SeasonAle will be poured at the Floydfest in Floyd, VA for one weekend only, July 29th-July 31st.
A THE phrase dates back to the 17th-century when a conjurer, known as Hocus Pocus, used it as part of an incantation during his act.
Hocus focus The advent of unconventional lenses that first garble images to ultimately make them better for computer processing has led to finer-focused images than traditional lenses can offer and to extraordinarily efficient new ways to extract information, such as enemy troop movements, from optical data (163: 200 *).