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HOMOHomosexual (slang)
HOMOHighest Occupied Molecular Orbital
HOMOHonorable Order of Macintosh Operators (Player vs. Player web comic)
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Unlike Arbour and Blackburn, PG does not presume that a homosexual identity is a given in high school.
This is why the homosexual haggle turns pink with pride when a professional athlete emerges from the closet.
They said in a joint statement, "What is completely mistaken is the idea of there being an incompatibility between affective maturity and a homosexual orientation.
Five responses indicated Neither Agree or Disagree with regard to whether homosexuals could stop being homosexuals if they wanted to; four believed they can stop and the remaining eighteen felt that homosexuals can not stop from being homosexual.
In 1967, Nichols appeared on camera in The Homosexuals, a CBS documentary narrated by Mike Wallace.
We must first arrive at a theological judgment: Does God prohibit or permit homosexual acts?
has led Courage, a movement he founded in New York, designed to help homosexual people live outside what Harvey terms the "gay and lesbian lifestyle.
At least four states (California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont), though, authorize marriage or an equivalent civil union for homosexual couples.
It rests on the notion that children of homosexual parents cannot possibly thrive because of social stigma, peer harassment, and the threat to their own "normal" heterosexual development.
However at all events it appears that the legalisation of homosexual acts has given rise to an extreme swing of the pendulum in favour of homosexuals.
Males who had only homosexual contact, however, were no more likely than those who engaged only in heterosexual behavior to report these risk factors.
In this book scientists are either helpful to the homosexual cause or hindering of it.