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HNHorn (French Horn; Music)
HNHonduras (country code, top level domain)
HNHacker News
HNHunan (China)
HNHuman Nature
HNHainan (China)
HNHuman Nutrition (various schools)
HNHawk Nelson (band)
HNHallands Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
HNNitrogen Mustard (blister chemical agent)
HNHospital Nacional
HNHellenic Navy (Greece)
HNHeadline News
HNHead Nurse
HNHost Nation
HNHome Networking
HNHome Net
HNHungarian Notation (identifier naming convention)
HNHull Number (ship)
HNHealth Nut
HNHospitalman (USN Rating)
HNHahnium (IUPAC element 108)
HNHardware Node (computing)
HNHousehold Notes
HNHell No
HNHardware & Networking (education program; Karnataka State Open University; India)
HNHeartland Network (Minneapolis, MN)
HNHardin Northern
HNHutchinson and Northern Railway Company
HNHydrodynamical Numerical (Model)
HNHeadquarters Notice
HNHospital Novicentro (Guatemala)
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Elliot Giles also gets a place in the 800m, but the IAAF turned down an application for a host nation slot for pole vaulter Adam Hague, who won the British title with a personal best of 5.
The DSS Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) manages the program while RSOs implement it in host nations.
5) The simplified steps for DoD participation, delineated in Joint Publication 3-29, (6) start with the responsible (in the case of Haiti, the remaining) elements of the host nation government requesting assistance from the United States via the Ambassador or other official US government representation in that country.
With the arrival of ERI requirements in 2d quarter FY 15, F&C harnessed existing relationships with host nation counterparts in Bulgaria and Romania, while quickly working with desk officers and Office of Defense Cooperation representatives to establish new contacts in the Baltics and Poland.
If it was easy then other host nations would have done it in the past.
This range of support to a host nation is captured in the three categories of foreign internal defense.
Here's what Dubai, and the Middle East, stand to gain from hosting Expo 2020, and why Dubai the UAE is well-positioned to be the next host nation.
The old saying in boxing is you avoid the host nation and you avoid the Cuban, and the bottom line was he got the host nation in the last fight.
The 27-year-old Edinburgh back is settling into the Scots' Durban base ahead of the start of four-team tournament involving the host nation, Samoa and Italy on Saturday.
The means to resolve disputes between the host nation and the investing party has also been taken into account, in matters related to court rulings, whereby this would be handled by several international judiciaries.
It was the first time a host nation had not finished in the top 10.