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40) This conflation of use-of-force frameworks has even infected official Army training materials, which incorrectly define combatants to include "[p]ersons committing a Hostile Act or showing Hostile Intent [as taking] a direct part in hostilities (DPH).
Also the hostile intent of supervisors was found to significantly moderate the impact of abusive supervision on emotional exhaustion and turnover intention.
From the point of view of the American pilots, the Libyan pilots showed hostile intent by flying a vector toward the American Carrier Strike Group, constantly maneuvering to threaten the American interceptors, and ignoring the obvious warning signal of American fire control radar locked onto their aircraft.
In a statement, the US Defence Department said: "US military rules of engagement state that unit commanders always have the inherent right and obligation to exercise unit self-defence in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.
Its intended audience is not criminals or spies, however, but "white hat" hackers who attempt to break into their own organization's IT resources with permission and the goal of securing those resources against just these kind of attacks when they are made with hostile intent (i.
She asserted that the timing of this latest drone attack, on the eve of the new COAS taking over command, is also a hostile intent message to the military leadership.
Prosecutors said Lorance ordered his men to open fire immediately, in violation of the military's rules of engagement, which requires soldiers to hold fire unless they have evidence of hostile action or hostile intent.
forces consider an imminent threat does not comport with the United States' coalition partners, and has frustrated the application of the common self-defense formula (hostile act or hostile intent + positive identification = authority to use force).
But ISAF media office in Kabul said a precision strike a day earlier had killed three enemies of Afghanistan, after positively identifying hostile intent in Baraki Barak district.
The United States reaffirmed that it had no hostile intent and was prepared to improve bilateral relationships, and agreed to ship humanitarian food aid to North Korea.
The boat's rapid closure speed, apparent collision course and failure to respond to two attempts to warn the approaching boat, led the embarked security team (EST) to make a reasonable assessment that the boat represented an imminent threat and was demonstrating hostile intent.