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HOTSHam on the Street (TV show)
HOTSHoney, O'Hara, Terri, & Sam (movie)
HOTSHoliday and Overtime Tracking System
HOTSHeard on the Street
HOTSHeart of the Swarm (gaming)
HOTSHistory of Technology and Science (various universities)
HOTSHigher Order Thinking Skills
HOTSHands on Training System
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Exclusive Hot Lock Feature Lets Applicants Restrict Select
A new replaceable gate-tip insert designed to eliminate wear in the mating cavity insert is new from Gunther Hot Runner Systems.
Hague joined Hot Stuff Foods in 2003 as a strategic consultant and was appointed as Executive Vice President in January of 2006.
The Hot One (externally heated hot-manifold systems).
We have built a rich tradition in changing the way the market thinks about food and food franchising," said Des Hague, CEO of Hot Stuff Foods.
The Hot Stix Performance Center will aid my work in the R&D arena by helping us further leverage the millions of dollars that we have spent in research and testing over the past several years," said Dr.
Why he's hot: Gregg Gonsalves, who appeared on our 2003 Hot List, knows the art of the deal extremely well.
Published by PRIMEDIA, Hot Rod Magazine is the world's largest and most influential automotive performance publication reaching more than seven million readers per month.
All Colorado hot spots owned by Hometown Access and its sister company, NetResort, will be identified by the new brand, HotZon (pronounced Hot Zone).
If some sort of annular design is called for, as in a torpedo-style hot tip, your goal should be to minimize the length of the annular sections.