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HOUSHrvatski Ognjistari U Svicarskoj (Croatian: Croatian Organization in Switzerland)
HOUSHome Owners Utility Services (Australia)
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Housing and health: time again for public health action.
In exchange for the financial assistance in developing and operating public housing, PHAs agree to manage the housing according to certain minimum rules and regulations established by HUD.
But only one third of those plans listed "expand[ing] affordable housing opportunities within municipality" as an objective.
Some years ago, Thomas Markus argued that the profession had decided to 'exclude, ignore, neglect and wash its hands of housing as the major architectural problem'.
As many long-term care operators know, Section 202 is the funding category of the public housing assistance act that specifically affects supportive housing for low-income elderly.
The letter was prompted by Congress' attempt to designate zero new housing subsidy vouchers as part of its planned $4 billion (13 percent) cut in the affordable housing budget for fiscal year 2000.
Thanks to colleagues at the Coalition for a Livable Future, Tasha Harmon, a housing advocate in Portland, Oregon, doesn't worry so much about missing regional planning meetings anymore.
Even at the very end of the eighteenth century most housing in America was both crowded and small.
What do we know about peoples' housing needs and preferences?
Ongoing rural-to-urban migration and increases in the number of households will underpin demand for new housing units in developing regions through 2016.
Cost: Approximately $1,000 with housing; approximately $650 w/out housing.
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