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HFEHuman Factors Engineering
HFEHidden Field Equations
HFEHardware Forwarding Engine
HFEHerschend Family Entertainment Corporation (theme parks; Norcross, GA)
HFEHydrofluoroether (cleaning solvent)
HFEHeavy Fuel Engine (unmanned aerial vehicles)
HFEHuman Factors in Electronics
HFEHigh Frequency Engineering
HFEHartree Fock Exchange (physics; chemistry)
HFEHope For Europe
HFEHorizontal Fiscal Equalisation
HFEHigh Frequency Executive
HFEHeat Flow Experiment
HFEForward Current Gain
HFEHuman Failure Event
HFEHelmholtz Free Energy
HFEHardware Forwarding Engine (Cisco)
HFEHigh Fuel Economy
HFEHeavy Front Engine
HFEHandicap FormEduc (Louga, Senegal)
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These concepts advanced by human factors engineering at AFRL has led to further research making the workflow of Airmen in many career fields more efficient and has even crossed over into the public sector.
Human Factors Engineering The consideration and application of human capabilities and limitations throughout system definition, design and development to ensure effective human and machine integration for optimal total system performance.
Working with human factors engineering and research professionals, pharmaceutical companies can learn more about how an evolving disease state can impact device use in self-administration situations.
Human factors engineering of mechanical tools and devices is taken for granted.
BMT Designers and Planners has recently provided a human factors engineering programme for the design and build of a US Navy auxiliary ship in support of the shipbuilder.
Human factors engineering and ergonomics are considered to have the same meaning.
Edge Product Development is using human factors engineering experience to design armour systems that eliminate the 'hot spots' that produce excessive pressure on the soldier's body.
It reflects outstanding teamwork among talented and dedicated NCR employees in solutions management, hardware design, software design and human factors engineering.
When Human Factors Engineering is integrated into all aspects of a pipeline system, the risks of accidents from human error can be reduced.
The 24 chapters of first volume cover individual elements and functions of avionics systems, including commercial standard bus, head-mounted displays, speech recognition and synthesis, human factors engineering and flight deck design, synthetic vision, terrain awareness, batteries, and avionics application software standard interface, as well as general functions such as communications, navigation systems, navigation and tracking, flight management systems, vehicle health management systems, traffic collision avoidance systems, the Boeing B-777's fly-by-wire flight controls, and fault-tolerant flight control system in future military transport aircraft.
Subsequent versions provided more and more detail on the component domains that must be considered in the acquisition process, including considerations of manpower, personnel, human factors engineering, habitability, safety, and health hazards.
The award winning PD&U department includes seven disciplines: Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Design and Graphic Design groups, TSO department includes: Compliance and Competitive engineering, a Rapid Prototyping Center, and Information Technology Center.
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