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HYPERHigh-Yield Pileup Event Recovery (camera design)
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In addition, the card provides free shopping vouchers redeemable at Panda and Hyper Panda to the customer each year.
2, Hyper nucleating agents 1 and 2 both promote more isotropic shrinkage than the other nucleating agents.
The sell-off to Buyology follows the sale last week of six Hyper Value stores to Hypa Xtra - the new discount chain set up by Ian Rogers, the former chief executive of Hyper Value.
Hyper got support from The Guv'nor, who said that what he did in his private life was nobody's business.
Hyper Carbon's entrance into the market last fall put the battle of the sticks into full swing.
NET-based computing technologies and numerous performance features, including full utilization of multi-core hardware, Hyper Historian is the first plant historian to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and to integrate with SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft Azure.
Hilco UK Limited, the retail restructuring specialists who acquired a 50% holding in Hyper Value in August 2006, confirmed the sale was part of the restructuring plan for the loss-making firm.
By combining Intel Xeon processors with Hyper Threading technology and Intel dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, ClearCube can offer customers not only unmatched manageability but the higher levels of performance as well.
99 from River Island, jeans, pounds 120, by Alexander Campbell from Hyper Hyper, "babe" necklace, pounds 19.
Hyper Cell, a maker of cellular telephone accessories, outgrew its Chatsworth facility and late last month moved into a bigger headquarters and distribution warehouse in San Fernando.
para]]Recently celebrating its 1st birthday, HYPER has been fully integrated into the free market trading platform for in-game resources in MMORPG Dragon Knights of Valeria.