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In this investigation, the hypoelastic model component is replaced by a rate-dependent initial stiffness term so that the series of constant rate-of-strain tests used to determine the parameters for the nonlinear hyperbolic model described earlier can be used.
Since 1996 Hyperbolic Software has produced acclaimed programs such as Tidy Up
Ungar, Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry and Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific Publishing Co.
In our study of hyperbolic Gromov spaces we use the notations of [16].
Two important geometries alternative to Euclidean geometry are elliptic geometry and hyperbolic geometry.
Geometry teachers usually try to explain the hyperbolic plane via flat models that wildly distort its geometry--making lines look like semicircles, for instance.
His new series of photographs, "Everything Is American," again makes clear that a lighter touch and less hyperbolic material do not necessarily preclude the creation of uncannily perverse and compelling images.
First, the support, which currently hangs straight down, must be bent back into its intended hyperbolic shape, which will augment the illusion of reality, and will neutralise distortions.
House of Representative Newt Gingrich can at times be brilliantly prescient but occasionally hyperbolic.
Given that Senate rules governing debate have been changed repeatedly over the years--the last time was in 1975, when the number of senators needed to end a filibuster was reduced from 67 to 60--invoking atomic bombs and mushroom clouds strikes me as hyperbolic.
Dongala's writing is clear, powerful, ironic, occasionally hyperbolic and exceptionally vivid.
He rightly argues that the public image of the priesthood has been adversely affected by hyperbolic comments about the priesthood and misleading coverage of the sexual abuse scandal.