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The hypotenuse of this triangle (the dashed line between P1 and P4) correlates with the horizontal line in figure 2.
12) In a right-angled triangle, the square on the hypotenuse and the sum of the squares on the other two sides are equal.
Somewhere between the area of a rhombus and the definition of hypotenuse, you earned yourself a first-time-ever F .
I mean," I muttered, "You got some great stuff in GUNS, but the style is like, "altering the angle of the ogive results in danglin' the hypotenuse of the widgetfactor," and I write like, 'This big fat ballet looks like a Marsh-Wheeling cigar, but it flies okay and whacks crap like your mother-in-law on a bender,' see?
The resulting new hypotenuse evidently is larger than the hypotenuse for the right angle.
In illustration B, the cosine is used because the angle is the unknown, and the lengths of the adjacent and hypotenuse is known.
The hypotenuse of the triangle is 1 80m long, and the 25m high black stone roof will be covered with recycled cooling water from the refurbished sewage-plant next door, which will cascade over the semi-transparent parts of the facade.
0]/2h, and recognizing that the hypotenuse of that right triangle is the base of an isosceles triangle, the sides of that triangle, which are equal in length to the radius of the circle, can be computed.
Pulling three arrows from my quiver, I formed a right triangle with the hypotenuse and vertical side of the triangle of equal length.
When you wish to make the door immobile, simply press the button near the top to extend the bar until, forming a hypotenuse of a right triangle with the floor and door, it locks into place, affectively wedging the door securely closed.
Similarly, general readers who understand the importance of studying anatomy, heliocentrism, or the idea of force and gravity, might only blink in disbelief at a discussion of the hypotenuse of the spirit, of the "upright Tsade" (in Copenhaver's article), and may fail to understand the importance of the extensive study of encyclopedism, or of commentaries on Galen's Ars parva.