iEARNInternational Education and Resource Network
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A group of 35 teachers from seven schools in Qatar attended the two-day workshop that introduced teachers to project-based learning methodology and prepared teachers to start one of iEARN projects that aim at improving the health and welfare of our planet.
iEARN is the world's largest non-profit network that enables teachers and young people to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects that promote active learning and make a positive difference in the world.
Through the YES program, young Pakistanis gain leadership skills, a dedication to community service, and critical thinking abilities that will serve them and their nation well in the future,' said iEARN Pakistan Country Director Farah Kamal.
For districts that haven't participated in such a collaboration, organizations such as iEarn can' share with them lesson plans of teachers who have aligned the activities with core curriculum goals.
Rota, the sole representative for iEarn in Qatar since 2008, has been supporting iEarn's objectives of improving learning and teaching, and arousing civil awareness and responsibility.
It further suggested that teaching methods should align with what teachers want their students to IEArn and that one cannot say which teaching method may be best to implement in a given country.
He is an environmental activist and advocate of environmental sustainability, with his extracurricular activities including teaching at the Wadi Environmental Science Center; initiating a 'Kids Corner' as part of the 350 Global Movement in New Paltz, New York; and actively participating in the renowned iEARN Egypt program as a high school student.
Lack of depth in the lines and at linebacker may cause problems and it doesn't help that a new quarterback has to iearn Harris' system.
YouthCaN Med is the iEARN (international Education and Resource network) Lebanon program that links up with YouthCaNers around the world to address global environmental issues.
Students will use the web-based iEarn International Youth Forum to seek different viewpoints from around the world.
Teachers or their schools must join iEARN (for an annual fee) in order to take full advantage of the services and resources available on the site.