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iFCPInternet Fibre Channel Protocol (storage area networking)
IFCPInstitute for Cancer Prevention
IFCPInternational Forum for Cotton Promotion (est. 2000; Washington, DC)
IFCPIsland Food Community of Pohnpei (est. 2004; Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia)
IFCPIloilo Flood Control Project (Department of Public Works and Highways; Iloilo City, Philippines)
IFCPIndependent Filmmakers Cooperative of the Philippines
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The IFCP provides examples of ways to inexpensively promote cotton on a sub-national, national, and transnational basis, in ways that can be replicated around the world.
They will also demonstrate products based on the iSCSI, FCIP and iFCP standards.
When connected to IP backbones, fibre channel fabrics or other end-systems, the Eclipse SAN Router can support protocols such as iSCSI, iFCP and E_Port.
For example, iFCP (Internet Fibre Channel protocol) and FCLP (Fibre Channel over LP) protocols are allowing companies with established Fibre Channel infrastructures to build bridges between their SAN islands using IP wide-area networks.
Although other new storage protocols like iSCSI, iFCP, InfiniBand and many others are under development, these are all still very immature and will require 12 to 18 months minimally to mature while the initial deployment problems are resolved.
Emerging leaders in the IP Storage interface race are the iSCSI, iFCP, and FC IP transport protocols.
HyperIP R5 has added proxy server support and is now tested and NetEx qualified with EMC SRDF Adaptive Copy and SRDF/A on Gigabit Ethernet Directors, Network Appliance SnapMirror, Veritas Volume Replicator and NetBackup, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Microsoft Exchange NetBIOS, Oracle DB Rsync, NSI DoubleTake, McDATA iFCP, industry-standard iSCSI and industry-standard FTP.
The IFCP protocol, proposed to the IETF as a target standard, passes traffic between Fibre Channel devices over WANs.
This includes standardized implementations with protocol specifications such as iFCP and iSCSI, along with iSNS, a protocol to handle name services and discovery for storage devices linked to IP networks.
Configured with iFCP and McDATA's easy-to-use SANvergence(R) Manager software, which provides for network-wide device management such as zoning, e-port configuration, iSCSI LUN virtualization and device discovery for all SANs attached storage in the enterprise, customers benefit from increased storage utilization, networking flexibility, elevated data integrity, and improved investment protection, without adding risk, cost or complexity.
The two native IP approaches are iSCSI (new Ethernet end devices that rebuild SCSI serialization from the group up) and iFCP (preserves the standardized SCSI serialization that is part of Fibre Channel and allows users to maintain all Fibre Channel end devices, but link them with IP networks).
Fault isolation and security boundaries are enforced between the SAN fabrics on each site via iFCP technology, resulting in the most reliable solution.