iLRPImmature Laminin Receptor Protein
iLRPInternational Lunar Research Park (US NASA)
iLRPIrrigated Lands Regulatory Program (California)
iLRPIndependent Living Rehabilitation Program
iLRPInternet Radio Linking Project
iLRPIncome Loss Replacement Program
iLRPIndependent Literary Research Project
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In 2012, the Central Coast RWB adopted an update to the ILRP, called the Agricultural Order (or Agricultural Regulatory Program).
Unlike in the Central Valley ILRP, all farms need to sample groundwater from existing wells twice during the first year.
The CV-SALTS program builds upon and is coordinated with the Central Valley Dairy Order and ILRP efforts.
To the degree that a more centralized, region-wide effort -- rather than a farm-by-farm approach -- can direct the goals of these new programs, the ILRP coalitions will have a key role in providing services to help member farmers comply, at an annual cost currently ranging from about $3 to $7 per acre (including regulatory fees assessed by the RWBs).