iSMARTInteroperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation Process (DoD)
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Actelis and iSMART continue to work on additional exciting advancements that build on this technology, and we are very pleased that Light Reading has recognized the importance of the work the consortium is doing for the benefit of service providers worldwide.
Their iQue Repair video advertising their iSmart Protection plans recently went viral.
PARIS -- ECI Telecom and Actelis Networks([R]), founding members of the iSMART Consortium, have completed the first successful customer tests of the consortium's Dynamic Spectrum Management Level 3 (DSM L3) technology.
iQue's video introduces David, “The iSmart Guy,” and opens in front of iQue Repair's “Wall of Doom;” a sample collection of the 10,000 damaged AppleTM mobile devices already repaired by iQue's specialized technicians.
We recommend you seriously consider iSmart Protection Plans before that untimely accident happens so you can take advantage of our most affordable repair services for all of your Apple[R] iDevices.
Kelly continued, “Early on, we recognized the strong demand signal for more affordable repair services from Apple[R] consumers and iSmart Elite is our response to that demand.
Originally introduced earlier this year, iSmart now offers a choice of two unlimited repair plans, www.
McKell added, “We have already had success with the local community's response to iQue Repair's Grand Opening in Layton and will continue to out to businesses and School Districts by introducing our premier iSmart Protection Plan and Employee Benefits Programs to the fiscally minded.
com)-- iQue Repair announced an extraordinary Groupon discount for their revolutionary iSmart Protection Plan, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.
com), the mobile industry's premier consumer voicemail service, today announced a partnership with SmartCall, LLC dba Ismart Mobile (http://www.
iSmart Check Processing System Helps Lunch Programs Recover 100 Percent of Bad Check Debt
Key wins included consulting engagement from FI Serv and Ismart and infrastructure implementation orders from HDFC Standard Life, HSBC, Mahindra and Pantaloon.