iTRACSInfrastructure Tracking Reporting and Asset Control System (Cablesoft)
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iTRACS is helping these organizations drive efficiency and optimize asset performance.
iTRACS IM(TM) single-site software is ideally suited to customers with complex data/telecom networks and critical applications.
The iTRACS software monitors the hardware to self-discover the network topology in data centers, communications rooms and wiring closets; automatically detects both authorized and unauthorized changes; utilizes patent-pending technology to quickly pinpoint wiring trouble spots; alerts IT staff to problems via alarms, emails, pages, user-defined scripts and/or photos; and issues work orders or trouble tickets to initiate corrective action.
The new offering extends the visibility, reach, and analytics of iTRACS PowerEye[TM], a best-practices strategy that offers end-to-end visualization and management of the entire power chain, inclusive of all interdependencies, across IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems.
The iTRACS solution is the latest generation of integrated network management tools and is designed to provide automatic monitoring of all physical connections in a co-location, data center and high availability network area.
The smart data center combines the best of both worlds from iTRACS and BJumper to facilitate the shift from IT-centric infrastructure to business services-centric infrastructure," said Elizabeth Given, President and CEO of iTRACS.
Whether it s an enterprise or multi-tenant facility, data centers are increasingly leveraging DCIM to enhance agility and efficiency in response to the needs of their end-users, said Anand Ekbote, vice president of infrastructure management at CommScope, which owns iTRACS.
The program combines four modules: iTRACS iDiscover; iTRACS Virtual Wiring Closet; iTRACS PBX; and iTRACS Software Development Kit.
II-30 CES Group Takes Overs Energy Thermal II-30 Fixnetix Extends Deployment of Rackwise's DCIM Solutions II-31 COMMSCOPE Acquires iTRACS.
Cisco Systems, Dell, Emerson Network Power, HP, IBM, Rittal, Schneider Electric, 3M, Airdale, Black Box Network Service, Eaton, EMCU, Fujitsu, General Cables, Green Revolution Cooling, Hitachi, iTRACS and Server Technology are companies mentioned in this 67 pages research report available at http://www.
iTRACS has unveiled the latest version of its Converged Physical Infrastructure Management (CPIM) 3.