iVDRInformation Versatile Disk for Removable Usage
IVDRIntelligent Video Digital Recorder
IVDRIndividual Vehicle Distance Record (Department of Motor Vehicles; various states and Canadian provinces)
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Further, aiming to expand the overall iVDR market, Maxell will step up development efforts to increase equipment that uses iVDRs and establish usage environments.
1): iVDR (information Versatile Disk for Removable usage) is a trademark that indicates iVDR Technology Standard compliance.
The iVDR Consortium was established in March 2002 and now consists of more than 50 companies promoting the iVDR standard.
4) iVDR-Secure type, employing the iVDR Standard of content protection technology (SAFIA), can record copy-protected content.
The Grass Valley M-Series iVDR is the next major step in non-tape based video production.
As a technology leader, Panasonic is extremely pleased to be able to leverage our world-class systems solutions to expand access to this popular product -- as well as the revolutionary new M-Series iVDR products.
Ultimately, this next-generation workflow will make digital news acquisition and production as easy as removing a P2 card from a camera/recorder, inserting it into an iVDR for storage and playout -- or immediately into the Grass Valley NewsEdit non-linear editing system for digital news production.
These new products expand the powerful, affordable digital foundation established by the introduction earlier this year of the software-based version of the Grass Valley NewsEdit(TM) nonlinear editing system and the M-Series(TM) iVDR for VTR replacement applications.
M-Series iVDR, C2IPcamera control system, Spirit DataCine 4K
The most fundamental building block of broadcast and professional video operations now has a more powerful, affordable digital replacement: the Grass Valley(TM) M-Series(TM) iVDR line of intelligent video digital recorders.
Thomson (Euronext Paris:18453) (NYSE:TMS) announced today the first major order for its breakthrough Grass Valley(TM) M-Series(TM) iVDR, a new class of product designed to replace the mechanical video tape recorders (VTRs) found in broadcast and video production facilities worldwide.
The conference was sponsored by 24 companies and organizations including Seagate Technology, NDS, Computer Technology Review, United Entertainment Media, FCIA, MPEG-4 Forum, SMPTE, iVDR Consortium, Jobstor.