iVDRInformation Versatile Disk for Removable Usage
IVDRIntelligent Video Digital Recorder
IVDRIndividual Vehicle Distance Record (Department of Motor Vehicles; various states and Canadian provinces)
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Further, aiming to expand the overall iVDR market, Maxell will step up development efforts to increase equipment that uses iVDRs and establish usage environments.
The new Maxell iVDR removable hard disk drive could potentially allow consumers to capture, store and interact with digital video content at high speeds, while enjoying the same great broadcast technology once reserved for professional applications.
The iVDR Consortium was established in March 2002 and now consists of more than 50 companies promoting the iVDR standard.
Maxell iVDR will take center stage at NAB given its promise to offer efficiencies across a broad range of broadcast applications in the total work flow from material gathering, to editing, transmitting and storing video content while eliminating the time it takes to convert content from tapes to hard disk drives and storing video content.
3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Seagate Technology today announced that it has joined the iVDR Consortium as a Board Member company.
The Grass Valley M-Series iVDR is the next major step in non-tape based video production.
Consumers also want the flexibility of watching content wherever they like, and will therefore naturally prefer devices incorporating higher quality, low bitrate transcoding & integrated iVDR support, as offered in Horizon's Hz7120 SoC.
Garage -- Harman Becker Traffic Pro 7945 car Hifi navigation with Bluetooth and speech dialog system, Horizon NavMate HD500 Navigation Computer, iVDR, Navman iCN 650 GPS device, Samsung YH-820 MP3.
Today's iVDR & location free TV's video quality and price point inhibit mass market adoption - our new chipset and software will radically improve both of these key market drivers, establishing Horizon as the leader in this market.
Maxell iVDR Removable Hard Disk Shown in Work Flow Efficiency Demonstration with Apple MacBook Pro and Final Cut Pro
In addition to being a replacement for the Grass Valley Group's discontinued J-Series DS-3 product, the Canoga Perkins 3260 DS-3 Video Mux, used in combination with the Canoga Perkins 3340 MPEG-2 Video Encoder/Decoder, can be used to network the new Grass Valley Group M-Series iVDR line of intelligent Video Digital Recorders (DVRs) and most other DVRs on the market.
Product Line-Up Includes Professional Disc for XDCAM, iVDR, SVOD, and HOLOGRAPHIC Among Other HD Storage, Archival and Recording Formats