iVTECIntelligent Valve Timing and lift, Electronic Control (Honda/Acura)
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0-litre 197bhp Ivtec four-pot engine revs to a frantic 8,000rpm, dispatching 60 in around six seconds with an all-out max of over 150.
Wheras the recently introduced iVTEC engines of the Stream and Civic Type-R models have been designed for a balance between performance and efficiency, the type of powerplant in the Jazz targets the ultimate degree of fuel economy.
0 IVTEC ES PRICE: pounds 22,835 MECHANICAL: 148bhp, 1,997cc, fourcylinder petrol engine driving four wheels via six-speed manual gearbox MAX SPEED: 118mph 0-62 MPH: 10.
0-litre iVTEC engine is enough to satisfy any boy racer - taking the car to 62mph is just 6.
You can step up the pace by ramming on the revs - and I confess I do like the growl of Honda's iVTEC engines under such pressure - but even then I didn't get anywhere near the official 10.
The flagship model is a 2-litre iVTEC Sport costing pounds 16,400.
5-litre iVTEC engine that delivers 120PS at 6,600rpm, and a peak torque of 145 Nm available at 4,800rpm, coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission.
This provides a very smooth and powerful drive and in many ways brings out the best in the advanced iVTEC engines.
4-litre iVTEC Type S, right, is now pounds 1200 cheaper at pounds 13,550, while the list price of the powerful Type R GT tumbles by two grand to pounds 17,980.
There is also a good choice of engines, starting with the two-litre iVTEC which delivers less CO2 emissions than some of today's superminis.
5-litre iVTEC engine and transmission as the current models.