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ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICMPInternational Confederation of Music Publishers (Switzerland)
ICMPInternational Congress on Mathematical Physics
ICMPInstitute for Condensed Matter Physics (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
ICMPIntegrated Catchment Management Plan
ICMPIschemic Cardiomyopathy
ICMPIntegrated Class Maintenance Plan
ICMPInterface Control Management Protocol
ICMPIntrusion Countermeasure Procedure
ICMPInterface Control Management Plan
ICMPIntegrated Communications Management Platform
ICMPIntegrated Comprehensive Monitoring Program (US Navy)
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The benefits cited by Al Khadar provide ideal examples of the negotiations that took place during the creation of Al Reem Island's ICMP.
The ICMP itself has used DNA technology to identify the remains of the victims found and exhumed by the government from some 3,000 mass graves.
We hope that by expediting this process we will bring long awaited answers to families of the missing who have waited to learn the fate of their loved ones,' said Kathryne Bomberger, ICMP Director General.
Samples are currently analysed at the ICMP headquarters in Sarajevo.
Greenpacket's ICMP is gaining momentum as a choice connection and data offload management solution of tier-1 telcos.
So the ICMP turned to DNA technology the US military used to identify bodies from the Vietnam war.
We will continue to process our data which has already told us quite a lot and the ICMP will be able to use it to find future graves, to remove and repatriate the bodies.
It offers networking protocol capabilities such as TCP/IP, ARP, UDP, ICMP, FTP, HTTP, and telnet, and is compatible with Ethernet.
3 specification and supporting the ARP, IPv4, ICMP, and TCP protocols.
The ICMP, which brings together a selection of existing approved master plans, outlines community facilities for Al Reem Island , including schools, hospitals, mosques, and promenades.
Thanks to this funding, ICMP will be able to carry out the DNA analysis of samples submitted to ICMP by Libyan authorities in an attempt to assist Libya in accounting for missing persons whose mortal remains were discovered in the high-profile case of the Bin Jawad mass grave.
The enhanced ICMP now enables mobile operators to dynamically offload subscribers from congested cellular networks to WiFi networks using intelligent switching rules based on operator's network management policies and controls.