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ICONInventory Control (System; Descon)
ICONIntegrated Control
ICONIndependent Control (Pearl Corporation)
ICONImport Conditions (Australia)
ICONInternational Council on Nanotechnology (Rice University)
ICONInternational Journal of Constitutional Law (New York University Law School)
ICONInternational Conference on Networks
ICONInsulator Collectors on the Net
ICONIndependent Cattlemen of Nebraska
ICONIntegrated Colorado Online Network
ICONIntegrated Court Offences Network (Canada)
ICONIntra Government Communications Network (Australian government)
ICONInternational Confederation of Nations
ICONImagery Communications and Operations Node
ICONIndo-Chinese Outreach Network
ICONIntegrated Customer Ordering Network
ICONImmunoConcentration (pregnancy and other immunoassay testing)
ICONIntelligence Community Collaborative Operations Network
ICONintermediate coordination node (US DoD)
ICONInvolved Citizens of the Neighborhoods (Laplata, Maryland)
ICONIntegration Concept/Contract
ICONInitial Call Origination Node (Cisco)
ICoNInfield Communications Network
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After this sacrilegious robbery, the monks had the icon repaired and returned to its place in Our Lady's Chapel.
Thus the metamorphosis of early Flavin takes on a special charge when an icon such as Coran's Broadway Flesh moves through a figure of martyrdom (in the related drawing) and reemerges as the near-absolute abstraction of pink out of a corner (to Jasper Johns), 1963.
That spirituality draws heavily on monastic life because icon painters traditionally were monks.
This video is the second produced by ICON Creative Technologies Group for the NAC.
Part One: The Icon and the World" focuses on two pivotal transformations of post-medieval Russian culture: the far-reaching reforms of Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich to bring Russian liturgical and devotional practices into line with a supposedly more authentic Greek Orthodox model, and the westernization of Russian society by Tsar Peter Alekseevich.
In compliance with the new icon format introduced by Windows XP (32bit color with 8 bit alpha channel), IconXP enables the user to create icons that contain a smooth edge over any background.
I practically stumbled over the icon milieu of Finland, where I, a Norwegian, have been living since I married a Finn 11 years ago.
The icon opens a link to Hard Copy, where stories really are about legs.
ICON Vallarta will retain the trendy, hip and modern flavor of The Related Group's other ICON properties, ICON Brickell and ICON South Beach in Miami.
This icon refers both to the spiritual graces offered by the Mother of God, and to a healing spring near Constantinople.
Phase Forward (NASDAQ: PFWD), a leading provider of data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety, today announced that ICON (NASDAQ: ICLR), a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, has signed an agreement with Phase Forward under its CRO Advantage Program.