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ILIACInternational Library Information and Analytical Center
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Iliac horns, which are pathognomonic for NPS, only occur in 70% to 80% of patients (2, 5).
The ASIS was osteotomized, the sartorius along with ASIS was reflected, and the iliac fossa along with the mass was brought into view.
7,8) If the portal vein is completely thrombosed, an SMV or splenic vein jump graft using the donor iliac vein, superior mesenteric vein, or splenic vein may be used as a bypass.
Our study focuses on a subset of patients with complex venous disease where the underlying causative lesions are above the level of the inguinal canal and involve mainly the common/external iliac veins or gonadal veins.
The MOBILITY study, a prospective, non-randomized, two-arm, multi-center study conducted at 48 centers in the United States, evaluated the effectiveness of two Abbott stents - Absolute Pro Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System and Omnilink Elite Vascular Balloon-Expandable Stent System - in patients who had iliac artery disease with intermittent claudication or critical limb ischemia, including complex lesions.
Iliac vein thrombosis following renal transplantation is an absolute indication for this procedure.
In a study of 150 male cell phone users, Tolga Atay and colleagues found that wearing a belt-mounted phone was associated with decreased bone density in the pelvic iliac wing closest to the phone--perhaps, they suggest, due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
The results showed a slight reduction in iliac wing bone density on the side where the men carried their phones.
Iliac crest bone grafts are a well-known cause of significant pain in the first 24 hours postoperatively (1).
Sentinel pelvic lymph node dissection preceded extended pelvic lymph node dissection including the area of the obturator fossa, external iliac artery/vein and internal iliac artery/vein up to the bifurcation of the common iliac artery.
The findings also suggest that a narrow left common iliac vein may predispose women to thromboses in this location, and that this risk facor could be addressed with endovascular stenting, said Dr.
The findings also suggest that a narrow left common iliac vein may predispose to thromboses in this location, and that this anatomical risk factor could be addressed with endovascular Stenting, according to Dr.