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IMBAInternational Mountain Bicycling Association
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (Austrian Academy of Sience)
IMBAImbalance (online games)
IMBAIndependent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (Canada)
IMBAInternational Masters of Business Administration
IMBAIntegration Von Menschen Mit Behinderungen in Die Arbeitswelt (German: ergonomics)
IMBAInternational Morab Breeders Association (Sanford, ME)
IMBAIntegrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science
IMBAInternationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs
IMBAInformation Management Business Area
IMBAIrish Masters of Beagles Association (UK)
IMBAIncorporated Master Builders Association
IMBAInternet Masters of Business Administration
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Work force parity may never be achievable because of shifting demographics and imbalances in the numbers of qualified applicants for various jobs due to differing ambitions, education, language requirements, physical characteristics, etc.
The alert in a paper titled The Graying of the Middle Kingdom warns Chinese demographers that population imbalances could bring social turmoil.
The nature, causes, and treatment of dizziness and imbalance puzzle many physicians.
BodyLogicMD doctors use preventive medicine and therapy to ease the transition of hormonal imbalance and age related disease.
Since thought patterns and impressions become part of the subconscious mind, they can either promote health or imbalance, depending on their subtle qualities.
Mold debugging software that quickens start-up of multi-cavity molds by helping to quickly diagnose and solve filling variations and imbalances is new from Beaumont Technologies Inc.
GAO used a multifaceted approach to measure structural imbalance that GAO defines as a fiscal system's inability to fund an average level of public services with revenues that it could raise with an average level of taxation, plus the federal aid it receives.
Expert witnesses for both the defense and the prosecution testified that ``these seizure-like effects can be brought on by stress, a hormonal imbalance and a combination of drugs,'' Waco said.
the imbalance of the relationship between conscience and the truth [further examples of the twin evils of separating things that belong together and forcing together things that belong apart]
Our new class of preferred stock will reward investors and provide a currency for acquisitions, once the share imbalance is officially determined from the revised NOBO List, we will go forward with the dividend distribution estimated at $0.
FRISCO, Texas, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --To keep up with the growing demand for the treatment of hormonal imbalance in women, HerKare opens a new location today in Frisco, Texas.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) many of the symptoms that manifested as a sinus infection could be due to an imbalance of other organs.