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IMIDInternational Meeting on Information Display
IMIDImmunomodulatory Drug (Celgene)
IMIDImmune Mediated Inflammatory Disorders
IMIDInstitute of Management International Database
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Requiring a system that would be intuitive and easy-to-use for museum visitors, while also demonstrating how innovation can impact our lives, ICER selected FST Biometrics to provide its award-winning IMID technology.
In a statement, FST Biometrics Product Manager Ilan Krugliak stated that the upgrade demonstrates our conviction that advanced security systems should work for the user, and not the other way around, adding that besides improving the user experience the increased capabilities of IMID Access 3.
Realizing FST Biometrics' vision of providing secure access that does not interfere with the pace of life, IMID Access 3.
FST was selected after completing a rigorous trial period, in which the company's IMID Access successfully passed all testing, and was subsequently piloted at the world-renowned International Diamond Week, hosted by the IDE in April 2014.
IMID Mobile, a smartphone application, is designed to identify visitors on a mobile device and enhance the important work of security personnel by providing them with valuable supplemental information about visitors to sites in need of tight security.
The implementation of FST Biometrics' newly-released IMID Mobile solution with Hagana Security demonstrates a key application of our secure access capabilities," said Arie Melamed Yekel , CMO of FST Biometrics.
IMID Mobile is a smartphone application that delivers FST's award-winning IMID technology to personal devices, while IMID Rapid provides an end-to-end, ruggedized and portable solution to quickly secure access to contained areas, such as crime scenes and senior government official press conferences.
The IMID, now in its fourth year, allows people to view all the latest trends in the global display industry.
These high-level discussions included Shigeo Mikoshiba, SID's president, and Sang Wan Lee, chairman of the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS), which co-hosts IMID with SID this year.
The IMID Access system, provided by award-winning secure access technology provider FST Biometrics, utilizes a fusion of biometrics information.
Risk of progression and survival in multiple myeloma relapsing after therapy with IMiDs and bortezomib: a multicenter international myeloma working group study.