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IMPELImpact on People of Electronic Libraries
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So complex is the human spirit that it can itself scarce discern the deep springs which impel it to action.
Turning from the door, which, in the first transport of his rage, he had meditated battering upon until Gride's very fears should impel him to open it, he turned his face towards the city, and working his way steadily through the crowd which was pouring from it (it was by this time between five and six o'clock in the afternoon) went straight to the house of business of the brothers Cheeryble, and putting his head into the glass case, found Tim Linkinwater alone.
Examine your heart, therefore, thoroughly, my good boy, and if, upon examination, you have but the least suspicion of this kind, I am sure your own virtue and religion will impel you to drive so vicious a passion from your heart, and your good sense will soon enable you to do it without pain.
It was also serious, for I learned that he was capable of using it, that under all his cowardice there was a courage of cowardice, like mine, that would impel him to do the very thing his whole nature protested against doing and was afraid of doing.
But to man doth it ever impel me anew, my fervent creative will; thus impelleth it the hammer to the stone.
Little by little, under this action, any apprehensions about the safety of the Diamond which you might have felt during the day would be liable to develop themselves from the state of doubt to the state of certainty--would impel you into practical action to preserve the jewel--would direct your steps, with that motive in view, into the room which you entered-- and would guide your hand to the drawers of the cabinet, until you had found the drawer which held the stone.
I assume," pursued Ezra Jennings, "that the influence of the opium-- after impelling you to possess yourself of the Diamond, with the purpose of securing its safety--might also impel you, acting under the same influence and the same motive, to hide it somewhere in your own room.
And it is my witness, too, that they alone impel me to the course I must take, and from which nothing now shall turn me, as I hope for mercy.
One Impel service set up to help hone in on niches is a credit union financial plan that details strategic planning, asset and liability management, member demographics and identifying if there are any risks to offering a business services program, said Jay Murray, president of Impel and Mid-Atlantic Corporate.
What makes her process different is Impel Ink's signature photo reproduction on fine art metals -- satin gold, satin silver and satin white.
Preferably, the DMCC/LNG Impel partnership would have two partner companies to take up the 49% stake, such as a developer and a user, in a new project company to be set up to build and operate the hub.
They should study the wide variety of factors that impel hard drive design--application requirements, technology requirements and design constraints--to gain a clear understanding of why a particular hard drive works most effectively in each application.