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IMPRInternational Meeting on Phytolith Research (est. 1996; bi-annual conference; Society for Phytolith Research)
IMPRInternet Music Public Relations (Russia)
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It has also been suggested that horses could use a form of 'nappy' but, once again, this has proved to be totally impractical.
Such measures were consistently described as ineffective and impractical (6,7,10)
Syon[R] electrically conductive adhesive solders can be used to form conductive paths in applications where hot soldering would be ineffective or impractical.
Wilkins followed closely in the footsteps of his predecessor Tom Burns who, in 1968, rejected Pope Paul's birth control encyclical Humanae vitae (On human life) as impractical and too rigid.
the large volume of transactions reported by large corporations on their returns, the plethora and scope of issues, and the substantial number of steps and computations involved in the proper determination of a large corporation's tax liability, it is impractical to require large corporations, with respect to each issue, to specify all the "particular elements" in their notices of objections that would then become fixed in respect of the issues, relief, and maximum amount.
Heating of viscous or fibrous slurries can pose problems like plugging, fouling, and inconsistent heating, making the use of conventional indirect heat exchangers impractical in most cases.
Neil Pollard considers the ban to be wholly impractical
Unfortunately, methods for analyzing these tell-tale forensic "signatures" still entail manual comparisons, making firearms-ballistics databases impractical.
Since fitting all that information on a wine label is impractical, this requirement has the same effect as a flat prohibition.
The Fantome had begun life as a luxury yacht, a pretty but impractical toy that frankly sailed like a pig.
Bishop Harvey agreed that travel costs made an electoral synod impractical, but suggested that the election could have been held using traditional "snail mail" -- with a double envelope system so that ballots could still remain secret in their inner envelope.