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InANEInternational Academy of Nursing Editors
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The inane Atkinson was still hanging about, humming and poking things with his knobby cane.
In writing this statement, the INANE community hopes to encourage educators, mentors, scholars, and clinical practitioners to join in a campaign to help our colleagues understand emerging hazards on the path to publication.
In writing this editorial, I am fulfilling my promise to join my INANE colleagues to inform readers and authors to understand the risks of predatory publishing practices and ensure those interested in publishing make wise choices.
Ah, you've got to love a talent for inane, empty rhetoric.
The defining factor in these shows is how well a contestant manages to pull through an inane Bollywood act
Until such a time that there is a zero tolerance policy towards to social blight, we will have to live with the inane acts of a few.
Yet never have the political cartoons appearing in print in mainstream print media have been so bland, inane, and just plain stupid.
Nevertheless I forced myself to listen for awhile longer, and what I did hear had been heard all before - inane comments from grumpy old men, complaining about new technology, about political correctness and all of the usual facets of modern life that some older people moan about.
Nationalisation would also be the end of all those irritating and inane bank adverts.
Was Perez Hilton not available to provide inane commentary?
Just as I hate people asking me inane questions about imaging, surgeons hate inane questions about their procedures, nurses hate inane questions about their work, the cafeteria staff hate inane questions about their jobs, and so on.