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INCLInfantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (degenerative illness)
INCLInsurance, Negligence and Compensation Law (New York State Bar Association)
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But when were that night together, and, as I have said, had gone such a length, I found my weakness; the inclination was not to be resisted, but I was obliged to yield up all even before he asked it.
Under these reflections I continued very pensive and sad for near month, and did not go down to the Bath, having no inclination to be with the woman whom I was with before; lest, as I thought, she should prompt me to some wicked course of life again, as she had done; and besides, I was very loth she should know I was cast off as above.
and how readily she falls in with the inclination of others
8],[9] In addition, the tibial component inclination may affect the contact stress and load percentage in the lateral compartment.
One can see that most of the experimental studies above dealt with the performance of wickless heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector (HP-ETSC) where the performance depends on a number of parameters such as the type of working fluid, filling ratio, inclination angle, and operating conditions.
This alteration in the transversal growth of upper maxilla, diagnosed as a deficiency, forces posterior mandibular teeth into compensation, and mandibular molars show a strong "negative" inclination due to their compensatory lingual position, and therefore the maxillary molars take a vestibular inclined position (5, 6)--a "positive" inclination that prevents the diagnosis of a possible deficiency in maxillary and mandibular growth.
Key words: 3D areal surface texture parameters, tool inclination angle error, end mill, high speed machining.
The slope (flatness or steepness) of the posterior wall of the articular eminence and its inclination determine the condylar path, which leads the mandible in its movements(7,11).
Mean immediate postoperative radial inclination, volar tilt and radial height were 17.
The relation of the translatory agonistic tooth movement and changes in tooth inclination may be assessed after the performed extraction of the first permanent molars since the consequences of extraction depend on the individual biological reaction of the tissue and present an individual reaction to the conditions governing this stadium of development [6].
Co-author Robert Gegear, PhD, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology at WPI, explained, "Our study shows that monarchs use a sophisticated magnetic inclination compass system for navigation similar to that used by much larger-brained migratory vertebrates such as birds and sea turtles.
Researchers found that tethered monarchs in simulators oriented themselves in a southerly direction and used the inclination angle of Earth's magnetic field to guide their movement.