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The ordinary golfer, whose scores per hole seldom exceed those of Colonel Bogey, does not understand the whirl of mixed sensations which the really incompetent performer experiences on the rare occasions when he does strike a winning vein.
It might have been her bright complexion or it might have been the bold luster of her eyes (as the women considered it), that dazzled the lords of creation generally, and made them all alike incompetent to discover her faults.
It is unfit to rule because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery, because it cannot help letting him sink into such a state, that it has to feed him, instead of being fed by him.
Moreover, a hesitation in speaking, or rather a tendency to use the wrong words, made her seem more than normally incompetent for her years.
There he said in effect that people are not morally incompetent.
Website postings almost guarantee that computer incompetents won't apply because they don't know how to use the Web.
Here, the court considered whether a trial court acted properly in finding a party incompetent because he did not understand the nature and extent of a transaction in which he had signed a satisfaction of mortgage.
A hypothetical disease story was presented to residents (with the exception of incompetent residents), relatives and staff members.
Good and Good (1973a) further also constructed an objective measure of fear of appearing incompetent which showed that female students were significantly higher than males.
To make matters more difficult, should you become legally incompetent, health-care providers do not need to abide by your decisions if they conflict with the health-care providers' professional judgment.
A living will, signed by an individual and a witness, can give direction about treatments to administer or withhold if you are incompetent and about termination of life support.
Bridges and his associates at Stanford conducted three research studies to determine how California districts identify and respond to incompetent teachers.