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INDYIndianapolis (Indiana)
INDYIndependent (as in independent or alternative music or films)
INDYIndiana Jones (Movie)
INDYInternet Direct
INDYUSS Independence
INDYIsland New Democratic Youth (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
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Wery fresh,' replied Sam; 'me and the two waiters at the Peacock has been a-pumpin' over the independent woters as supped there last night.
Both expressed their opinion that a more independent, a more enlightened, a more public- spirited, a more noble-minded, a more disinterested set of men than those who had promised to vote for him, never existed on earth; each darkly hinted his suspicions that the electors in the opposite interest had certain swinish and besotted infirmities which rendered them unfit for the exercise of the important duties they were called upon to discharge.
As might have been expected, the independent movement produced a number of competent local leaders, but none of national importance.
Middleton, whose 3-year-old firm renovates older homes for investors, turns to independent contractors to handle the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, drywall, and flooring for the properties.
Anything that independent colleges and universities can do to help enable more parents and students consider them as an option, and be able to afford private higher ed, creates a win-win situation for both families and colleges.
Plummer, who spent five years managing independent ball in the now- defunct Western League - three in Chico, two in Yuma - believes the new league, which debuted three weeks ago, faces tough challenges.
Indeed, independent agents do have a brand--as salespeople--but that brand is not helpful to them as they move forward in a very competitive and complex marketplace, said Anne Bailey Berman, co-founder and president of Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research firm that has been working with many industry groups, including insurance companies, for 20 years.
This article will explore why independent contractor status often is attacked; risks of misclassification; and factors to consider in determining whether workers are truly independent contractors.
Some service providers prefer independent contractor status because of the tax benefits not available to employees, including being able to contribute significant dollars to their own qualified retirement plan and deducting legitimate business expenses.
This investment is also reflected in the hiring of new independent board members, the frequent division of CEO and chairman of the board responsibilities and the creation of senior management positions in compliance.
Running an independent studio is indeed a small business operation.
Municipalities were required to fund approved independent schools at 85 percent of the per-student cost of public schools.
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