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INFDIntraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density (neurology)
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The machine grinds four diameters on the shaft, and the machine's infeed design makes it ideal for grinding the multidiameter shafts.
Alternating flank infeed is used on large coarse threads to increase tool life and use both dies effectively.
For Keith Spicer, the 904 is driven by no fewer than 14 independent servo motors which, rather than running continuously, are set to intermittent operation to match the sophisticated infeed system.
At some point in the approach, the infeed rate changes to the coarse grind rate, and the machine then removes a predetermined amount of stock at that rate.
The ICwedge Cooler Infeed system, designed by Industrial Consortium, helps Old Orchard maintain their rate of 280 PET bottles per minute without the waste and interruptions caused by dented bottles.
The i-Series features a gear base with servo drive motor, a direct infeed indexing starwheel turret, and the company's servo driven auger fillers with touch screen control, Advanced Seal Module and product settling systems.
The ability to offer a special infeed conveyor which provides full synchronisation with an IMA C50 tea bag making machine--allowing bags to travel into the flowrapper, with no external intervention--whilst also maintaining productivity and efficiency, played an important part in Rose Forgrove installing it's machinery in this prestigious plant.
New designs also sported larger infeeds, lower infeed heights, interchangeable components, and cutting chambers designed for easier access.
While Weaver hesitates to reveal the Columbia facility's production figures, according to Sierra, the Macpresse baler is capable of baling 25 to 30 tons of OCC, 40 to 55 tons of ONP and 40 to 55 tons of high grade paper hourly, depending on infeed density, moisture content and feed rate.
West Salem says its WSM Series 1600 grinders offer horizontal feed for easy processing of trim and edgings; a powered feed mechanism with an infeed controller for automatic load sensing to prevent overloads; an aggressive machined rotor for superior cutting action and low horsepower operation; a modular screen for consistently sized wood fiber products; and four-way reversible cutters for superior knife wear.
The infeed turntable on the FLC meets aseptic production requirements.
Fully automated with touch-screen operator control panels, the in-line system handles all aspects of baking and cooling, from the infeed, where pre-made pork pies are loaded on baking trays; through the thermal oil-heated oven and ambient plus refrigerative cooling sections; to the outfeed, where a robotic transfer mechanism loads finished products to a packaging conveyor.