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Recent intelligence reports indicate that there is a surge in infiltration attempts being After the recent arrests and killing of terrorists who tried to infiltrate, there are intelligence inputs about small terror groups being sent from across the border
In most cases, the infiltrate is caused by an immune response to toxins released by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.
The five were convicted in 2001 of being part of a spy ring called the "Wasp Network" that sought to infiltrate and report back to Cuba on south Florida U.
Microscopically, the tissue was substantially infiltrated by an atypical lymphoid infiltrate positive for CD20, BCL2, CD5 (weakly), κ light chain and cycline D1, consistent with mantle cell lymphoma (Fig.
Now in a second edition slightly revised by the author, The Devil's Tale follows as Lucifer assigns his trickster son Loki to live among the Americans, infiltrate their ways, and get to know them better than any devil has.
Michael Ealy returns as Darwyn, a Muslim FBI agent dispatched to infiltrate a terrorist cell in San Diego.
According to "State of Surveillance," a recent report from the American Civil Liberties Union, they've been working overtime to infiltrate and neutralize activist groups.
Badger agreed to infiltrate a white supremacist and the charges against him will be greatly reduced.
Some of the restrictions on civil rights favored by those surveyed included requiring Muslims to register with the federal government, allowing federal agents to "closely monitor" mosques and permitting undercover agents to infiltrate Muslim civil and volunteer organizations, the Religion News Service reported in late December.
These e-mails are offensive either in terms of their racist, homophobic or sexual content and we will not allow them to infiltrate into offices or stations," he said.
Using intelligence we were able to infiltrate a number of networks of drug dealers who we took out of the area', he said.
Franzese's big gay Damian and Caplan's goth goddess Janis convince Cady, the naive new girl in school (Freaky Friday's Lindsay Lohan), that the best way to bring down the school's insufferable clique of popular girls, known as "the plastics," is to infiltrate their ranks.