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He revealed that the insurgents utilised the information and made concerted attempt to infiltrate the community, adding that the gallant troops repelled the attack and crushed them.
Since the past few days, we were getting inputs about possible attempts to infiltrate from Uri sector.
The guards in the line of duty clashed with the armed groups for eight hours and thwarted their attempt to infiltrate the Saudi borders.
In accordance with the NDNQI guidelines for the peripheral intravenous infiltrate indicator, data were collected monthly on a selected day to determine the prevalence in the pediatric inpatient population.
88% cases, in addition to macrophage predominance of infiltrate in 83.
The lesion was biopsied and histologic findings included ulceration composed of a chronic plasma cell-rich inflammatory infiltrate with rare, poorly formed granulomas.
1) To measure the thickness of epithelium and chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate in different stages of oral submucous fibrosis
9) The inflammatory infiltrate in the cystic lining appears to play an important role in the pathogenesis of periapical cysts.
The histopathology showed dermis with a diffuse infiltrate of immature myeloid series of cells composed of myelocytes, metamyelocytes, eosinophils and neutrophils confirming the diagnosis of leukemia cutis [Fig 4&5].
The presence of the white blood cells affects the transparency of the cornea and the infiltrate shows up as a white lesion.
BAMAKO (TAP) - Malian soldiers backed by French fighter jets battled Islamist rebels in Timbuktu on Sunday after insurgents used a car bomb as cover to infiltrate the northern desert town overnight, sources said.
Federal prosecutors have charged three Eastern European men for using the Gozi virus to infiltrate computers.