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In order to reduce infiltration, engineers and municipalities must first assess the condition of mainline pipes, laterals, lateral connections and manholes to determine whether restoration requires structural or non-structural repair for each component.
infiltration bids along the International Border could be made by terrorists backed by Pakistani forces.
IVs are probably the most common medical procedure performed and 30 percent of them fail, often as a result of infiltration.
Attempts to infiltration will be thwarted and we will ensure that the infiltration, which is attempted, will be crushed.
The Israeli infiltration into Lebanese territories is a dangerous violation of all attempts to halt acts of aggression, as well as international security resolution #1701," warned Serra in the wake of the regular tripartite meeting which he had chaired in the presence of senior officers representing the Lebanese and Israeli armies.
It goes on to warn that in spite of the fact that the main infiltration zone was identified, other leakage zones could exist elsewhere.
In our research, emphasis is on capturing the actual transient behavior of the infiltration rate.
government's response to communist infiltration and subversion in the 1930s and 1940s, with our government's response to the threat posed today by Islamic radicalism.
Infiltration from across the border, the Israelis further claimed, placed their lives at risk, exacted a heavy economic price, and undermined their morale to the point where wholesale desertion became a real possibility.
Therefore, optimally designed ridge furrow geometry, evaluation, and best management irrigation practice in the ridge-furrow system rely on the effectual variables affecting the infiltration characteristics.
Muscat: Oman's security agencies are investigating reports of a possible infiltration by elements of Al Qaida fleeing Yemeni forces in ongoing battles in the Shabwa region of the country, the Arabic daily Oman quoted a top foreign ministry official as saying.
Murthy and colleagues studied cardiovascular responses to scalp infiltration with different concentrations of adrenaline with and without lignocaine during craniotomy in adults (11).