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ISSInternational Space Station
ISSInformation Systems Services
ISSInstitute for Security Studies
ISSInternet Security Systems, Inc.
ISSInitial (Execution) Sequence Set
ISSInstitute for Southern Studies
ISSInformation Systems Security
ISSIstituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian National Institute of Health)
ISSImaging Science Subsystem (NASA Cassini mission)
ISSInstitutional Shareholder Services
ISSInjury Severity Score
ISSInstruction Set Simulator
ISSInternational Summer School (various locations)
ISSImposto Sobre Serviços (Brazilian tax)
ISSInternational Social Service (Switzerland)
ISSIron and Steel Society
ISSInformation Services and Systems
ISSInstituto de Seguros Sociales (Colombia)
ISSInternet Security Scanner
ISSInstitute of Social Sciences
ISSInformation Security Services
ISSIn-Service Support
ISSInno Setup Script (Windows installer program)
ISSIon Scattering Spectroscopy
ISSInternational Skeletal Society
ISSInternational Society of Surgery
ISSIntegrated Systems Solutions
ISSIntegrated Service Solutions
ISSInspection Selection System (roadside inspection software system)
ISSInside Surface
ISSInternational Switching Symposium
ISSImprinted Sportswear Shows
ISSI'm So Sure
ISSInstitute of Space Science
ISSIntegrated Sounding System
ISSInternational Shorebird Survey (Manomet Observatory, Manomet, MA)
ISSInformation Systems Support, Inc
ISSIntegrated Safety System
ISSIntegrated Survey System
ISSInternal Security Service (Oman)
ISSIntegrated Sensor System
ISSIntelligence Support System
ISSInformation Systems Staff
ISSInput Shaft Speed
ISSInter-Satellite Service
ISSInstructional Systems Specialist
ISSIon Scattering Spectrometry
ISSImmigrant Services Society of British Columbia (Canada)
ISSIntel Solution Services
ISSIntegrated Support System
ISSInstant Start System
ISSInternational School of Singapore
ISSIntegrated Space Systems
ISSInteractive Selling System
ISSIntegrated Support Service
ISSImage Stabilization System
ISSInternational Seismological Summary
ISSImpedance Standard Substrate
ISSInternet Sharing Server
ISSIntelligent Software Solutions, Inc (Raleigh, North Carolina)
ISSIntelligent Sensor Systems (Malardalen University; Sweden)
ISSInstrument Support Structure
ISSIntegrated Switching System
ISSInterim Supply Support
ISSInternational Survivalist Society
ISSInternet Search Service(s)
ISSIsotonic Saline Solution
ISSInstitute of Statistical Science
ISSIn Stadium Solutions (Coral Springs, FL)
ISSIransk­Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen
ISSImmunization Services Support (WHO)
ISSInstructional Support System
ISSIntelligence Support Squadron
ISSInterim Status Standards
ISSInstrument Sales and Service, Inc.
ISSIntelligence Systems Secretariat
ISSImperial Star Ship (Star Trek)
ISSIntermediate Service School
ISSIsotope Separation System
ISSInformation and Systems Society
ISSInternational Shaw Society (est. 2002)
ISSInformation Sharing Session
ISSInsulin Sliding Scale
ISSInternational Soccer Superstar (video game)
ISSImproved Spread Spectrum (watermarking)
ISSInternational School Seychelles (Mahé, Seychelles)
ISSImage Server System
ISSInput Sub System
ISSInternal Secondary Structure
ISSIntegrated Support Station
ISSInformation Systems Squadron
ISSInertial Survey System
ISSInternational Sales Support
ISSInstitute for State Studies
ISSInternational Sanitary Systems
ISSInterservice Supply Support
ISSInteractive Support System
ISSIntegrated System Support
ISSImage Synthesis Services
ISSInformation Superiority and Sensors
ISSInteractive Survivability Simulation
ISSInfrared Surveillance Sensor
ISSIntelligent Server Switch (Apache)
ISSInternational Supply Services (Portsmouth, VA)
ISSInternational Scoring Systems (Paris, France)
ISSIntegrated SS7 Signaling
ISSInfraStructure Systems GmbH (Hanover, Germany)
ISSInterim Safety Supplement
ISSIntegrated Sealift Study
ISSInventory Support Specialist
ISSIncoming Signal Strength
ISSIntegrated Start System
ISSIndependent School Services
ISSInstitute of Somatic Sciences
ISSIAIPS Support Services
ISSInfinite Server Station
ISSInvestment Statistical System
ISSIngleside State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
ISSInformation Sending Service
ISSInfusion Signaling Server
ISSInternational Settlement System
ISSInternal Secondary Storage
ISSIndirect/Inertial Subsystem
ISSIntegrated System Schedule
ISSInitial Shelf Stock
ISSInformation Sending Signal
ISSIn-School Suspension
ISSInternational School Sosua (Dominican Republic)
ISSInstitutt for Sosiologi og Samfunnsgeografi (Norwegian: Department of Sociology and Human Geography)
ISSIndustry Security Services (defense industry, UK)
ISSInstitute of Systems Science (National University of Singapore)
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This desire for beliefs, as opposed to desire for the actual facts, is a particular case of secondary desire, and, like all secondary desire its satisfaction does not lead to a complete cessation of the initial discomfort.
The state of affairs in which this condition of quiescence is achieved is called the "purpose" of the cycle, and the initial mental occurrence involving discomfort is called a "desire" for the state of affairs that brings quiescence.
That was why the people were so glad to see you, and why they thought from your initials that you were their rightful ruler.
This sealing force value is compared to an initial measured value and is reported as % retained sealing force (% RSF).
If the change occurs in the initial year the property was placed in service, Prop.
Sexual behavior, drug use and the reason for the visit were assessed at the initial visit.
A credit life insurance policy providing coverage for a 30-year mortgage loan has an initial term of 30 years, even though premiums are paid monthly and the consumer is not required to continue the coverage.
Working capital/fill-up reserve funds are necessary in the early months of initial project fill-up where it is normal to experience negative cash flow.
The MFA is used by the FMS customer and NAVAIR with supporting logistics element managers to establish the FMS initial support requirements at the site survey.
However, because of their groundbreaking nature, they could only hint at the strategic issues involved in maintaining a problem-solving posture after the initial COPPS interventions had taken place.
2d 867, is whether this rule also applies to the members of a condominium's initial board of managers appointed by the sponsor.
A variety of physical systems, from electronic circuits to the simple double pendulum (which consists of two suspended rods, one pivoting from the other), show the sensitive dependence on initial conditions that characterizes chaotic systems.