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INSIDEInteractive Numeric Spatial Information Data Engine (University of Idaho)
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It was the young thing inside him that saved the old man.
As for inside baseball, or outside, for that matter, I hardly believe I'd be able to tell third base from the second base, it's so long since I went to a game," proceeded Tom.
Inside the railed enclosure a lawyer was reading a typewritten speech.
the chimney jambs and all the bricks inside were very sooty, so that I thought this fire-place made a very appropriate little shrine or chapel for his Congo idol.
Then she emptied the conveniences out of it and fetched it full of water, and I drank and then stood up, and she poured the rest down inside the armor.
Now she was on the other side of the orchard and standing in the path outside a wall--much lower down--and there was the same tree inside.
Oh, and we found a little room down there with the door locked; and we are all crazy to get in and see what's inside.
We soon discovered that we had really been the victims of an illusion, whereupon, without further delay and laughing like madmen, we ran to Box Five on the grand tier, went inside and found no shape of any kind.
Then she went away, and told the old King that the thing inside the iron stove would not have her, but wanted the Princess.
Rabbit's voice was heard inside the rabbit hole calling-- "Cotton-tail
For how could you see the Line, that is to say the inside, of any Man?
But now the sounds inside had ceased, and a thin circle of bright metal showed between the top and the body of the cylinder.