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INSTInstituto (Portuguese: institute; postal usage)
INSTInformation Standards and Technology Standardization Area
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A blustery wind and incessant drizzle made handling difficult with the result that the game was littered with unforced handling errors, most of them from Inst.
Inst coach Brian McLaughlin will be bitterly disappointed.
10,0,7,8,25; St Francis 7,10,5,4,26; Brambles Farm 3,0,5,6,14; Eston Inst 7,3,3,8,21; Erimus 3,7,7,2,19; N/O/Works A 0,3.
Eston Inst B: 7,0,2,4, 13; Hemlington A: 3,10,8,6, 27.
Limited Tenders are invited for Job Of A M C And Procurement Of Spares Of Atlas Copco Compressors: Wadilube Inst.
Limited Tenders are invited for Job Of Modification In 4Kl Blending Kettle For Installation Of Machnical Agitator At Wadilube Inst.
8 450 m 2 NGF, - execution of works in 4 interrupted construction phases, - connection to existing supply and disposal plants, - provisional and protective measures, Ventilation and refrigeration work consisting of (all ca data): Phase 1: 2 / 2018-1 / 2019 - 2 500 m 2 ventilation ducts Installation in ceiling areas, Installation shafts (instal shafts), - 40 m 2 fire gas duct in L 90 quality, - 80 m 2 L 90 duct cover, - 1 350 m folded seam pipe installation in ceilings, Service shafts, - 300 pieces of silencers, - 180 m vacuum pipelines, installation in ceiling areas, Raised floors, - 2 500 m 2 Thermal insulation of ventilation ducts in ceiling areas, Inst.