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IRRIranian Rial (ISO currency code)
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRRIndividual Ready Reserve
IRRInterest Rate Risk
IRRInternet Routing Registry
IRRInactive Ready Reserve
IRRInstitute for Religious Research (Grand Rapids, MI)
IRRImplementing Rules and Regulations
IRRInstitute of Race Relations (UK)
IRRIntegra Realty Resources (New York, NY)
IRRInfra Red Remote
IRRInitial Return Rate
IRRInterracial Relationship
IRRIndependent Race and Refugee (news network; Institute of Race Relations)
IRRIntermediate Ring Road (India)
IRRInterrupt Request Register
IRRIndiana Rail Road
IRRIntegral Rocket Ramjet (propulsion system)
IRRInspection Rejection Report
IRRInternational Radio Regulations (various locations)
IRRIonising Radiations Regulations
IRRImage Rejection Ratio
IRRInformation Request Response
IRRIn-Plan Roth Rollover (tax device)
IRRInvestigative Records Repository
IRRIntegrative Research Review (methodology)
IRRInfrared Reflectography
IRRIntegrated Readiness Report (US DoD)
IRRInitial Response Resources
IRRIntegrated Resource Recovery
IRRIndividual Retirement Record
IRRImplementation Readiness Review
IRRInstitute of Resource Recovery
IRRIntegrated Radio Room
IRRInternal Recall Recorder (Telex Vega)
IRRInterface Requirements Review
IRRInfra-red Radiometer
IRRImmediate Reroute
IRRInitial Requirements Review
IRRIonizing Radiations Regulations
IRRInitial Return Rate (TL 9000)
IRRIntelligence Radar Reporting
IRRInterim Research Review
IRRIndependent Referencing Review
IRRIntegral Rocket Engine
IRRIron Road Railways, Inc.
IRRInstitute for the Recovery from Racisms
IRRInspect and Repair as Required
IRRInstallation Readiness Report
IRRInfusion-Related Reaction
IRRInvestment Return Ratio (economics)
IRRIssues Relating to Research
IRRInterference Reduction Ratio
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The OIG determined the NCUA took steps to identify and address credit unions with interest rate risk concerns, but stated the addition of an S rating would improve the agency's ability to accurately measure and monitor interest rate risk by separately assessing a credit union's sensitivity to market risk.
The European Banking Authority (EBA) said it has published an updated version of the CEBS guidelines on technical aspects of the management of interest rate risk arising from non-trading activities under the supervisory review process, originally published on 3 October 2006.
According to Moody's Investor Services, Irish life insurance firms are least exposed to interest rate risks.
Aggregate interest rate risk is now almost back to its pre-recession level, and the increase has been widespread, occurring at banks both large and small (Bednar and Elamin 2014).
In non-life insurance, however, the interest rate risk in long-tail business (such as casualty) can be contained through prudent asset-liability management.
Echoing a recent interest rate risk advisory issued by financial regulators, Kohn discussed the importance of appropriate corporate governance and strong internal controls as well as robust risk measurement and reporting systems that focus on stress testing of alternate-interest rate scenarios.
Its results show that interest rate risk management is less of a concern for the smaller enterprises, probably because they have fewer resources and more pressing priorities.
This article compares and evaluates alternative policy proposals that could control the F&F interest rate risk.
For example, they often jump to the erroneous conclusion that interest rate risk is minimized when asset and liability durations are equal.
New technology solutions monitor and calculate interest rate risk more accurately, collecting and analyzing key information using thousands of scenarios.
S&P) said Thursday it is concerned that interest rate risks assumed by Japanese banks, especially the major banks, are high relative to their capital bases.
The taxpayer claimed that it had entered into the swap to hedge interest rate risk, but was unable to substantiate its business purpose.
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