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We shall not discuss in this article the equally important topic of Web site (in contrast to Web portal) interface design for children.
SEMCI has evolved into real-time transactions between agencies and carriers to make things more efficient, said Barr, assistant vice president at Marsh and chairperson of Applied Services' ASCnet Interface Committee.
This use of gigabit technology will make Serial ATA viable for at least 10 more years, enabling the interface to better keep up with the data-transfer demands of advanced processors.
IBS carefully studied DYNA's interface specifications and learned DYNACode, a language which allows information to be translated to virtually every data field in DYNA.
Painter Eve Riser-Roberts of Port Hueneme worked for several months on the watercolor, giving Interface representatives several options for a Christmas card painting.
Figure 4 shows a cross-section of a coextrusion die and the shape of the interface at the onset of instability in the die land.
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