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It got there in course of time; insisted on pouring into the burial-ground; finally, accomplished the interment of the deceased Roger Cly in its own way, and highly to its own satisfaction.
Buckingham, "had no reference to your age at the period of interment (I am willing to grant, in fact, that you are still a young man), and my illusion was to the immensity of time during which, by your own showing, you must have been done up in asphaltum.
On the morning following Sally's arrival, it being a Thursday and his day off, he was crouching in a constrained attitude in his garden, every fibre of his being concentrated on the interment of a plump young bulb.
Hour after hour the scene of the interment remained without an eye to witness it.
He determined privately to seek out the black fisherman, and get him to serve as guide to the place where he had witnessed the mysterious scene of interment.
Funeral service at St Mary's Parish Church, Morpeth on Tuesday 6th March at 1pm followed by interment in Bockenfield Cemetery at 2pm.
Requiem Mass is to take place on Thursday 8th March at St Christopher's Church, Romiley at 12noon prior to interment at Highfield Cemetery.
Army decision, that same year, to revoke the eligibility for WASPs for interment at Arlington.
Coordinate closely with the Marcos family regarding the date of interment and the transport of the late former Presidents remains from Ilocos Norte to the LNMB.
The family have been so upset by the rule they have decided to make other arrangements for the interment, meaning the couple will not be "reunited" as Natalie had hoped.
Interment Thursday 6th June at Forest Park Cemetery in London.
Service and Interment at Llanfwrog Parish Church at 2.