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I/RIschemia/Reperfusion (trauma)
I/RInternment/Resettlement (US DoD)
I/RInsurance Records (insurance)
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An internment/resettlement specialist executes his or her job differently than an MOS 31B (military police Soldier) on patrol.
When one internment/resettlement specialist is with up to 70 inmates, his or her words can easily incite anger and trigger a negative reaction or, conversely, calm the inmates.
Although 3d Platoon, 108th Military Police Company, will not be conducting corrections or detention operations regularly upon returning to Fort Bragg, the Soldiers and leaders will continue to use the valuable skills learned while working with Army internment/resettlement experts inside of the only maximum level security prison within the Army and the Department of Defense.
It is imperative that military police leaders and internment/resettlement specialists understand the responsibilities of the facility commander.
9) Colleen McGuire, "MP Internment/Resettlement Institutional Training," Detainee Task Force Initial Update: Policy and Training Way-Ahead, USDB, 27 February 2004.
Internment/resettlement specialists comprise a relatively small portion of our Military Police Corps.
And out on the job, internment/resettlement specialists must look into the eyes of thieves, child abusers, rapists, and murderers who were once a part of our Army and who now test the will of our Soldiers.
Military communities that host correctional facilities have an undying trust in the ability of the internment/resettlement specialists to conduct zero-defect correctional work.
30) security, internment/resettlement (I/R), law and order, and police intelligence operations across the full spectrum of Army operations.
40 provides guidance for commanders and staffs on internment/resettlement (I/R) operations.
Look for increased training emphasis on law enforcement, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence operations, while we simultaneously continue to maintain expertise in skill sets involving Soldier survivability and maintenance of lethality against the enemy.