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Daylight appreciated the interviews with them that appeared--interviews delightfully placid
Owing to this circumstance, I was fortunately a witness of all that passed in her interview with her lover.
He saw that something had happened, and that the interview would not be a joyous one.
As he drew near, I remembered with many misgivings the inauspicious termination of our former interview, and when he entered the house, I watched with intense anxiety the reception he met with from its inmates.
Yes, I saw him, and am convinced that he fears nothing so much as a general engagement," repeated Dolgorukov, evidently prizing this general conclusion which he had arrived at from his interview with Napoleon.
A grinning red face turned once more into a pink oval, fringed with gingery fluff; the interview was at an end.
His newspaper at once issued a special edition, giving an interview between their representative and Mr.
We are the sworn enemies of society," he found himself quoted as saying in a column interview.
Apparently, he had something more to say -- something, perhaps, on the subject of that passing uneasiness of mind which had been produced by his interview with Mr.
The men were of all sorts, old and young, tall and short; but every one had tried to make himself smart for the interview with the manager: they had carefully brushed hair and scrupulously clean hands.
Before we attend him to this intended interview with the lady, we think proper to account for both the preceding notes, as the reader may possibly be not a little surprized at the imprudence of Lady Bellaston, in bringing her lover to the very house where her rival was lodged.
By making a third at the interview between them, he might prevent the conversation from assuming a perilously confidential turn.